Why KW Now?

By Agents, For Agents

Real estate has experienced a seismic shift in a short amount of time, bringing our industry and your business into a new era. As the world has both inevitably and unexpectedly accelerated its journey to the digital space, fundamental challenges – from downward pressure on commissions to new dot-com competitors – are no longer distant concerns. They are here.

At Keller Williams, boldly facing and answering these challenges on your behalf is our singular focus.

Your sustained success and collective vision are what drives us, guides us, and gets us up every morning, now for three decades and counting. Join Keller Williams – be a part of the vision, gain a trusted partner to stand by your side, and let your business thrive.


The Best Technology

Gain the high-tech edge!

At KW, we believe that technology’s inherent value lies in simplifying everyday complications so you can focus on what truly matters: your familylife, and relationships with your clients. Most importantly, it should grant you more time and money so you can reinvest as you see fit and achieve a fulfilling real estate career.

As your customers increasingly demand customized, digitally-enhanced experiences, we give you the tools to anticipate their needs today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

The Keller Cloud is a powerful suite of tools that work in harmony to deliver smarter business solutions for agents and smoother experiences for customers. Powered by AI and machine learning, this leading edge ecosystem prioritizes your goals, lead generation, and data to create a go-to-market plan that truly delivers.


The Best Training and Coaching

Tap into the real estate industry’s brightest minds and top producers!

Just as our agent-led philosophy allows us to be agile in product development, this methodology also applies to our award-winning training and coaching. We incorporate real-world case studies and industry best practices into every training module, flexing and evolving to solve the real challenges you face.


Leverage our award-winning coaching program. Locate your blind spots, then focus on solutions, gain awareness of your unique strengths, and identify areas primed for developing a burgeoning career in real estate.


The Best Wealth-Building Opportunities

Spread the word and create another stream of income

The wealth-building opportunity places Keller Williams above the rest.

At most companies, when the work stops, so does the paycheck. Not at Keller Williams. With the understanding that agents can’t be in production forever, the profit share system was created as a financial tool to allow KW associates to build inheritable wealth through passive income. There is no catch or fine print, and calculations are simple and transparent.

Here’s how it works:

  • When deals close, KW associates who haven’t yet met their cap pay company dollar to their market center.
  • The market center uses this money to pay operating expens­es. What’s left over is profit and, unlike with other companies, a portion of that profit is shared back with the associates who helped the company grow by bring­ing on productive agents.

Currently, the profit share system grows seven levels.

When someone names an agent as their sponsor or the associate responsible for introducing them to the company, they go into their first level. Each sponsor gets 50% of the profit attributed to the profitable activities conducted by the associates they bring on. And, even as the percent­ages decrease throughout the levels, they never fall below 5%, which is higher than the top tier of other wealth-building systems in the industry.


A Culture of Caring

Become part of something bigger

Keller Williams Realty is a company that changes lives. The culture is as diverse as the countless ways in which associates and market centers commit themselves to finding and serving the higher purpose of business, and is united by cohesive understanding of our Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and Perspectives.

During our first, annual RED Day, which is now a company wide tradition, 22,000 associates participated in a coordinated effort to give back with their local communities.

At the heart of Keller Williams culture in action is KW Cares, a public charity created to reach out and support each other during times of extreme and unexpected hardship.