Jennifer Brown

Assistant Team Leader

Office: 281-364-1588

Email: jennifer@kwwoodlands.com

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Will Burke

Executive Assistant to Executive Director and Team Leader

Office: 281-364-4805

Email: will@kwwoodlands.com

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Corban Hunt

Project Manager

Office: 832-982-1581

Email: corban@kinkenterprise.com

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Janise Jones

Director of Career Development and Launch Coach

Office: 281-863-9171

Email: janise@kwwoodlands.com

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Paula London

Compliance Manager

Office: 281-364-4706

Email: paula@kwwoodlands.com

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Lori Tillman

Managing Broker & Director of Compliance and Relocation

Office: 281-364-4888

Email: loritillman@kw.com

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Bruce Kink

Operating Principal

Office: 281-415-8019

Email: bruce@kinkenterprise.com

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Tina Brickhouse

Team Leader

Office: 281-899-8171

Email: tbrickhouse@kw.com

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Valerie Schaffner

Market Center Administrator

Office: 281-364-3793

Email: valerie@kwwoodlands.com

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Bree Cloud

Assistant MCA

Office: 281-364-4803

Email: breecloud@kw.com

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Molly Breedlove

Agent Services Coordinator

Office: 281-364-4897

Email: molly@kwwoodlands.com

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Jessica Paschalis

Director of Productivity

Office: 281-364-4703

Email: jessica@kwwoodlands.com

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