Joe Zimmerman

Operating Principal

Office: 773-230-0826

Email: joezimmerman@kw.com

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La'Dweena Smith

Team Leader

Office: 708-321-0136

Email: ladweena@kw.com

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Maritza Ramos

Market Center administrator

Office: 407-473-0635

Email: maritza@marketcentersites.com/mc86

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Archie Hollins, Jr.

Assistant Market Center Administrator

Office: 312-216-2418

Email: archie.hollins@kw.com

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Yasmeen Abdullah

General Manager

Office: 312-216-2422

Email: yasmeenabdullah@kw.com

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Maricela Barriga

Agent Services Coordinator

Office: 312-888-1804

Email: maricela.barriga@kw.com

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Nate Thompson

Designated Managing Broker

Office: 708-261-1405

Email: natethompson@kw.com

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Jesse Coleman

Productivity Coach | KWYP Board of Advisors

Office: 773-841-3753

Email: jesse.coleman@kw.com

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Jerome Harper

Market Center Tech Trainer

Office: 312-589-0924

Email: jerome.harper@kw.com

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Andrew Hasdal

ALC - Career Development

Office: 847-373-8114

Email: andy@reveauresidential.com

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Liz Jones

ALC - Career Development

Office: 773-516-1496

Email: liz@reveauresidential.com

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Tony Hardy

ALC - Commercial Committee

Office: 773-575-6082

Email: tonyhardy@kw.com

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Shaun Pinkston

ALC - Commercial Committee

Office: 773-457-0994

Email: shaunpinkston@kwcommercial.com

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Ressie Krabacher

ALC - Culture Committee

Office: 773-965-4100

Email: ressie@kw.com

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Lourdes Fernando

ALC - DEI Committee

Office: 312-420-1593

Email: lourdes@JLHomesforyou.com

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Melissa Doubleday

ALC - Growth Committee

Office: 616-546-5242

Email: melissadoubleday@kw.com

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Mary Childers

ALC - Health and Safety

Office: 847-322-3885

Email: marychilders@kw.com

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Brian Moon

ALC - Luxury Committee

Office: 847-372-2510

Email: brianmoon@kw.com

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