Affiliate Partners

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise to our clients. 

We have found some key players that share our same vision:

Matt Bass

Home Mortgages/Loan Officer


Emily Doyle

Home Warranty

(502) 822-0906

Derek & Mandy McElwee

AC, Heating, Indoor Air

(859) 625-1471

Meredith Turk

Moving & Other Services


Brian Brock

Home Inspector

(502) 427-0200

Richard Rogers

Closings and Title

(859) 899-2025

Abe Mitchell

Cleanup and Restoration

(859) 361-9135

Kyle Harrison

Bookkeeping, Payroll, & Tax Services


Hunter Jablonski

Junk Removal

(859) 533-1420

Melissa Bingaman

Home Mortgages/Loan Officer


Dana Clayton

Home Mortgages/Loan Officer

(859) 608-1848

Andy Foster

Home Mortgages/Loan Officer

(502) 526-8822

Tim Hill

Home Mortgages/Loan Officer

(606) 521-9800

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